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Dakotas America Success Stories

Discover more about the range of projects aided by Dakotas America and the communities benefitting from this program.

Community Impacts
To date, 22 Dakotas America projects have generated:

  • Over 3,876 jobs created or retained
  • Vital new health care services for upwards of 160,000 persons
  • New education opportunities for over 10,000 students
  • Over 150 medical students trained in underserved and rural areas each year
  • Up to 100 doctors per year to serve in public health programs
  • 28.5% of total Dakotas America projects on Native American Reservation Land
  • Critical goods and services access for over 2,300 low-income persons
  • Expanded and consolidated services by federally qualified healthcare centers
  • Skills for new Americans
  • Access to fresh, healthy foods for over 300,000 people
  • Medical and public health research
  • Over 1,394,948 square feet of real estate constructed or rehabbed