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North Omaha Intergenerational Campus - Omaha, NE

North Omaha Intergenerational Campus - Omaha, NE

From feeding underserved senior citizens to protecting disadvantaged children, this project uses an existing building to directly impact the quality of life in North Omaha. Learn More

Family HealthCare Center - Fargo, ND

Family HealthCare Center - Fargo, ND

This project brings medical, dental and pharmacy services to low-income and homeless persons in the Fargo-Moorhead region to one accessible site and expands the availability and quality of service in a distressed urban setting. Learn More

Flint Health and Wellness District - Flint, MI

Flint Health and Wellness District - Flint, MI

In one of the most distressed urban areas of the US, this project brings medical education, economic opportunity and fresh food, all in a new public access area to be shared by the community. Learn More

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

By expanding educational resources, this project will train critically needed medical professionals, including primary care physicians, to work in rural areas of Appalachia and the southeastern US. Learn More







Dakotas America is a National Rural CDE

Dakotas America is dedicated to measurable impacts that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Dakotas America assigns New Markets Tax Credit allocations for qualified investments in qualifying projects in the most remote and highly distressed areas of the United States.
Dakotas America maintains a business sector focus on projects which enhance health care, education and vital community services that directly impact low-income persons or low-income communities, as well as seeking manufacturing and processing projects that create or retain significant numbers of jobs for low-income persons.
Community development outcomes of projects supported by Dakotas America should include:

  • Access to commercial or community goods and services in low-income communities
  • Creation of quality employment opportunities
  • Access to jobs for low-income persons or residents of low-income communities
  • Access to financial resources for minority businesses
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