North Omaha Intergenerational Campus

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The North Omaha Intergenerational Campus is a partnership between Holy Name Housing Corporation (HNHC) and Heartland Family Service (HFS) to provide services to low-income persons in one of the most distressed communities in the Midwest. This NMTC project includes the renovation of the former St. Richards School and Rectory facilities in Northern Omaha.

A key element in the vision for the North Omaha Intergenerational Campus is to provide a source of services for low-income persons who live on the campus or who may reside in the area. Renovation to the school and rectory facilities will provide access to services which can include meals for seniors; public community health care; a temporary shelter to provide safe accommodations and support services for displaced, abused and disadvantaged children; multi-generational educational programs; public gardening space, and a host of other initiatives aimed at disadvantaged persons in the North Omaha community. The project has the potential to serve hundreds of disadvantaged persons.

“The hope is that this project will provide, both for those who live there and those who take advantage of opportunities available at the site, a community that each of us would want to be a part of,” said Sr. Marilyn Ross, director of Holy Name Housing Corporation. “A supportive and loving community with opportunities to develop our potential and expand our world, access to essential services like health care and education and a chance to interact with professionals, and opportunities to bond with a diverse group of persons— seniors, young people, neighborhood residents, mothers with children—in relationships that are life giving.”

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