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This project has created the funding to expand and rehabilitate a second elementary school project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Batesland, South Dakota. The current Batesland school is in serious disrepair with part of the facility unusable. The expansion includes the addition of a new gymnasium, classrooms, support areas, reading room/library, community room and a new cafeteria with kitchen, as well as a new geothermal heating/cooling system. Approximately 28,478 square feet will be renovated with an additional 61,629 square feet of new space. The renovated buildings will connect to the new addition and include classrooms for pre-school through 8th grade. One of the largest employers on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the school district's annual expenditures of $4-$5 million for staffing create a material economic multiplier effect in the region. The school district will maintain a total of 356 permanent FTE jobs for residents, including teachers, administrators, aides, janitors, food service and other positions in Shannon County, within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This county illustrates the highest priorities for economic development with unemployment as high as eighty percent in some areas of the reservation.

"The use of New Markets Tax Credits for an educational project like the Batesland School is a tremendous boost for the local economy," said Rod Fouberg. "These children are the entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow."

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