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Advantage Dental is one of Oregon’s largest dental health care providers for low-income persons within the state serving over 200,000 patients, the majority of whom qualify for public health care or are uninsured. In addition, Advantage Dental is Oregon's largest rural dental services provider, with service locations throughout the state.

The NMTC transaction will allow the cooperative to invest in seven additional rural dental clinics that can increase service capacity by nearly 50,000 patients and create additional health care jobs in remote and underserved areas. Another key aspect of the NMTC transaction was to finance new electronic data storage and information systems to enhance the quality of service offerings and improve efficiencies. Advantage offers many ways for small rural clinics to benefit from shared economies of size and scale. The Advantage Dental model for rural dental care is considered to be a leading prototype for next-generation health care services in underserved areas.

"Many less fortunate Oregonians will have access to dental care because of this program," said R. Mike Shirtcliff, DMD, president and CEO of Advantage Dental. "Oregon communities will benefit as well from this project, with the addition of family wage jobs with benefits."

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