Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

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This project consists of the construction of a new osteopathic medical school adjacent to Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. The VCOM operating model and business results have been extremely positive in sister schools in Virginia and South Carolina.

In 2012, Auburn University and a number of southern universities expressed strong support for VCOM to undertake a third initiative at the Auburn Research Park, adjacent to the Auburn campus. VCOM is now one of the most successful producers of doctors, with over 900 graduates of its accredited medical programs. Over 50% of its graduates have become primary care physicians, many working in rural underserved areas of the Appalachian region and the southeast. In addition, VCOM is currently one of the largest suppliers of doctors to the U.S. military and the Veterans’ Administration.

VCOM is unmatched in its commitment to recruit and train women and minorities. It will provide a new set of relationships with many universities that need additional medical school options for their students. When fully operational, the new school will offer training for 600 medical students annually. The sponsor has set a goal that 60% will be recruited from rural and medically underserved areas, that 50% or more will become general practitioners, and that 50% or more will be placed in rural or medically underserved areas.

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