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Opportunity for People and Communities

Dakotas America is a rural CDE with a national service area, formed in 2005 to serve distressed areas of the US that lacked access to NMTCs. We bring NMTC use to some of the most isolated, distressed and under-served areas of the US, including remote and distressed Native American reservations, the Appalachians, mountainous rural areas of the Pacific Northwest, the distressed Deep South and the most isolated areas of the High Plains. We have used allocations in minor urban areas underserved by the NMTC program that exhibit some of our country’s greatest challenges.

Dakotas America seeks to promote job growth in areas with few opportunities and focus on starting or growing manufacturing enterprises that are rural economic engines. Our priorities include community service facilities and health care and education initiatives that create immediate high quality jobs and community benefits essential for successful long-term economic sustainability.

A history of success with the New Markets Tax Credit program
Dakotas America has received four NMTC allocation awards totaling $330 million.
The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI) Fund awarded New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocations to Dakotas America to stimulate private sector investment for economic growth and job creation in distressed communities.

  • $50 million in the 2006 round
  • $80 million in the 2008 round
  • $60 million in the 2012 round
  • $65 million in the 2014 round
  • $75 million in the 2017 round

Community Impacts
To date, 22 Dakotas America projects have generated:

  • Over 3,876 new jobs created or retained
  • Vital new health care services for upwards of 160,000 persons
  • New education opportunities for over 10,000 students
  • Over 150 medical students trained in underserved and rural areas each year
  • Up to 100 doctors per year to serve in public health programs
  • 28.5% of total Dakotas America projects on Native American Reservation Land
  • Critical goods and services access for over 2,300 low-income persons
  • Expanded and consolidated services by federally qualified healthcare centers
  • Skills for new Americans
  • Access to fresh, healthy foods for over 300,000 people
  • Medical and public health research
  • Over 1,394,948 square feet of real estate constructed or rehabbed


People who care about Community economic opportunity
Dakotas America is led by an experienced team with a history of working for economic success in their own communities and others across the country. From the Management Team to our Advisory Board and Governing Board, our expertise with New Market Tax Credit projects ensures a high level of professionalism and adherence to the purpose and mission of the NMTC program.

Dakotas America offers economic opportunity for
distressed and low income communities.


Mission Statement

Dakotas America places New Markets Tax Credit Allocations in projects that have sustainable community impact.  Our mission is to provide critical capital to help low-income communities flourish by providing financial tools to empower growth.

New Markets Tax Credit YouTube

New Markets Tax Credit Program by Novogradac on YouTubeClick here for a basic overview of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program by Novogradac on YouTube.